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buy dredge concentratesMy hunt for Gold takes me to many different places. I sluice or dredge and to save time I usually bring the concentrated paydirt from the dredge home with me for later processing. There I screen off the larger waste material and classify the remainder. I keep the coarse Gold out of the screenings and offer the finer material for sale.

I have dredge concentrates available from many different places. I dry the material so you don't have to buy water and package it into 1+ pound bags. I old is guaranteed and it's very common to find silver and platinum in addition to small Sapphires, Rubys, Garnets and even Diamonds.

have tested these concentrates and they all contain a minimum of 1/2 gram of gold per bag. Some bags will have a occasional picker nugget and most contain small flakes. The G Purchase Dredge Concentrates
Concentrate Origin

This is not like panning the gravels from the stream side. This is highly concentrated material directly from the dredge and must be panned carefully to separate the Gold from the black sands. I recommend panning over a safety tub or another pan and then re-pan everything again to get all the gold.

A few words about the origins of these concentrates.

Alaska - This was dredged from the Fortymile river about 2 miles from the Yukon border The Gold is fine and the black sand content low and a high content of Garnet.

Oregon - This is fine blond sand and native dirt dug from a dry bench deposit near Elk City. The gold is all fine, I have screened it to remove larger stones. It contains good fine fold but a low percentage of gemstones but a lot of mica and chrystal fragments. Interesting panning!

Idaho - These concentrates came from a high mountain stream Northeast of Boise in the middle of a historic mining district. The gold will be less worn and rounded than other places because of the closeness to the lode source. these concentrates contains a high content of silver.

Washington - This paydirt was dredged from Peshastin creek on Blewett pass. This creek has fine gold and small chunks. Some still has mercury on it. The gold is coarse because it's close to the source and the concentrates a very heavy with black sands. Small gemstones are common as well as Platinum. Very Challenging!

All paydirt is of limited supply and subject to availability.